Replacing, Bear-Damaged, Outhouse Screen

Do bears crap in the woods?? Apparantly not! Last fall a very small sow black bear, and her very tiny cub, came through the yard while I was gone. Luckily the only thing she did was tip over my burn barrel and tear up the outhouse screen. As spring started to show its muddy face, […]

Winter Hauling 55 Gallon Drums

Specific Difficulties A 55-gal. drum of gasoline weighs around 355 pounds. This makes it awkward to handle and the round shape makes it hard to strap down. Hauling Liquids The barrel will want to shift, slide, and tip on the sled due to the liquid contents sloshing inside the barrel. For every action there is […]

From Logs to Shelves; Part 2

Milling logs into boards for shelving, using a Woodmizer LT10 Bandsaw Mill. Hello, my name is Cody. Welcome back to Alaskan Blog Cabin, part 2 of From Logs to Shelves. This page may contain affiliate links. may receive a fee for items purchased once a link has been clicked. Learn More on our privacy […]

From Logs to Shelves; Part 1

Loading logs into a sled by yourself & hauling them to the sawmill, with a snowmachine. Hello, welcome to Alaskan Blog Cabin. My name is Cody and I live in Remote Alaska. This piece is the first segment of a multi-part series. It will cover the steps necessary for making custom built cabin shelves. We […]

-20°F Below Woodstove Chili

When the mercury dips down below -20°F up here in Alaska, I take advantage of the fact that I will spend a majority of the day feeding my woodstove. With it running hotter than normal throughout the day, it’s a perfect time to turn my plain old woodstove into a renewable crock pot. When I […]

Egg Logistics

Hauling Eggs to Moose Camp or the Cabin They’re incredible, and incredibly fragile. But don’t go without eggs just because of a bumpy trail. This post will teach you how to haul in dozens of eggs, no matter how rough the trail is, without so much as a crack or broken egg. How rough of […]

Righting a Tipped Over Snow-Machine

No matter how careful you ride a snow machine, unless you only ride on perfectly flat groomed trails, it is inevitable that at some point you’re going to tip over. may receive a commission for any purchases made when you click on a link on this page. It usually happens when you’re going too […]