Pre-Dawn View from the Outhouse
’02 Skidoo Skandic Super Wide Track towing a 10′ U.H.M.W. freight sled, full of spruce logs
Straps laid across sled so the logs can be gut wrapped
Towing a 44″ moose home to butcher at the cabin. 419 lbs. Of meat for the price of a bullet!!
’16 Skidoo Expedition 550F trapping snowmachine. Towing the “Ice Hooker”, a custom built crane/sled for removing 1000 lb.+ chunks of ice for spear fishing
The moon coming up bright as the sun!!
First lynx shot with my new predator rifle!
A view from my trapline
Spring Sunrise
Grizzly Den Halo
Looking Out The Entrance Of A Grizzly Den

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